Just as we are carrying out digital archaeology and digital history/heritage, we are carrying out oral history recordings (for our Podcast) so the stories of the folks that have succumbed to “Severn Valley Inertia” (those that came for a while and stayed) are being recorded for prosperity …and here is an event that explains why and how.

Contact us at CCAGWorcester if you are interested in recording your story for us.

Digital Outreach and Engagement with Oral History Collections – Capture Your Story.

Thursday, 10th June 12 – 12.40pm

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/x/developing-your-digital-skills-digital-engagement-with-oral-history-tickets-149525078535

A presentation by the founder of OurStory Scotland, Jaime Valentine and Chair Dom Miller-Graham. OurStory Scotland is a successful community history and oral history project founded in 2002 to record the histories of Scotland’s LGBTQ+ communities. During lockdown their volunteer numbers increased and they have adapted to new digital platforms to engage with people of all ages. Jaime and Dom’s presentation is the seventh of eight webinars dedicated to the digitisation and outreach of community heritage archives. This presentation will cover recording, collecting, and sharing peoples’ stories. Sharing your story fosters a community conversation and helps our histories to be as inclusive as possible.

This webinar will equip you with the knowledge and skills to:

Increase visibility of your digital collections.

Strategically promote your digital collections and optimise your collection for discovery via Google and other search tools.

Increase your engagement with your local community and beyond.

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