We offer a range of support to help local groups and charities achieve the results they work for. With the CGC (Community Group Collaborative) we bring support to the area, it’s commuinities, and the lovely landscape around us.
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The Myriad Centre
Worcester Foodbank
LikeU and the Corner CafeThe Arboretum Residents’ Association

Chestnut Tree Inn free Christmas Lunch and event hosting

The Chestnut Tree Inn
The ARA Blogged OnThe Arboretum Residents’ Association
Worcester Baptist Church
The Bramblewood Project
Worcester Canal Group

Headway care for patients suffereing from head injuries, and theif families.
They have a Headway Facebook page , Headway Instagram page  and Headway Twitter account. Please feel free to have a look and do get in touch if you’d like any more information.


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