The Bramblewood Project

Not one of ours but we are happily helping out.

Please see their main web page or Facebook page to find out more about the project, the events and how to join in / help out, or complete the following form and we will let them know.

We are going to throw our archaeologists at it as it links in well with our Worcester Under Foot project but also think of the possibilities such as a hide looking into the reeds on the river or a platform to go cloud-busting or sky-watching or helping kids understand the countryside and canal and countryside skills in safety.

Keep an eye on our CGC (Community Group Collaborative) page for more information

Chestnut Community Scrap Map

Inspired by the Cambridge Map Project, this project invites local schools, groups and clubs or organisations to create a map of the Arboretum, Canal and area from recycled paper, twigs, other material, etc.
(Please ensure the materials are safe to handle and it is constructed and stored in a safe environment as the winning entry will be displayed on the website and the creator/creators interviewed)

A scene of Cambridge in a scrap map
A scene of hills and mountains – all from scrap.

The entrants should post a picture of the area mapped (could be a street or a couple of streets or the whole place) with a name and contact number and the winners will be announced in social media and get a prize (to be determined).

Please submit photograph(s) or video of your entry here (email address and group name required)