These are some of the friends of CCAG that have performed – or want to perform – (for CCAG) at The Chestnut Tree Inn.

Here are some podcasts of the cracking muso’s, poets, special people (helping us support the charities and groups we do) and Nut‘ters we have around.

Here’s the sesion list – click on the artist name to read about their “Chat’n’Track”

ArtistDate / description
Rob Talbot CooperMarch 2021. Bonfire Audio
Garrington T JonesMarch 2021. Garrington T Jones Music

Coming soon (in no particular order)

ArtistDate / description
Vo Fletcher
Carol Lee Sampson
Norbs Blade
Woo Town Hillbillies
Polly Edwards
Hymn for Her
When Rivers Meet

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