Plans to revamp the old Gaumont cinema (Bingo hall)

Read the Worcester News’ report on the plans to revamp the old cinema.

What do you think?
What would you like to see there?
It’s an ideal place (fully sound-proofed) so perhaps a venue that could accommodate the Marr’s Bar? A theatre (the one by the old Worcester Porcelain Factory was closed shortly after opening as it was so difficult or expensive to put anything on or even book it – cynically you might think they never actually intended it to be used, simply built to tick a “service the community” box on planning permission).

Have you got any ideas or know of people to contact?

Let us know with a comment to this post.

We can see a great venue for the community collaborations!
– AllSortsOfPA performances
– Worcester Baptist Church events
– Arboretum Residents’ Association + CCAG events
– hireable venue for anything else you can think of?

Encourage the planners to make this brilliant old building steeped in history a go-to venue in Worcester – not another gym thought!