10, East Road – on the corner of East Road and Southfield Street – was built as one house (hence, number 9 is further up the road than it ought to have been) and later divided into two.

But where was there room for houses 1-9?

They seem to have been a group of properties over shops and cottage industry houses – not unlike Reindeer Court (Halling 1980) where the entrance was adjacent to the west of 10, East Road. All the establishments had two addresses, 1-9 East Road and 20-26 Southfield Street (Covins 1991).

Note, also, that the area opposite the corner of East Road and Southfield Street was “Artillary Gun Sheds” – hmm where was Health and Safety?

Any archaeology or heritage there?

With the kind agreement of the current owner/occupier, 3 test-pits have been dug to establish if there is anything left of the old access road/path from East Road onto the shop-front area at the rear and to the back to establish if there is any relationship with the former hop warehouse (still in existence) to the South of the house.

The change in levels between roof lines and the eves cornicing showing with the old hop warehouse behind.
(Mackey 2018)

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Halling, P. (1980) Geograph:: Reindeer Court, Worcester.1980 [Online] Available from: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/467852
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