Resources to pro-actively help the local comminity folks

If it is of concern to you and your neighbours – log it here – whether it is reported to the police or not.
The more data we can pass to authorities, the better able they are to respond.

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A list of services and contact points for Arbo goings-on


CAA information

The CAA is the Civil Aviation Authority and it is the CAA that grant licences for professional drone pilots.

A solicitor’s take

Solicitors, albeit they are touting for business, recognise the law with regard to UAV flights over built up areas, schools and generally being a nuisance.

Other authorities’ stance

We are not the only ones that have concerns over drone flying over our homes – below are links to reports from other authorities such as the Northampton Police.


Government advice

Government guidance on using CCTV systems on your property

Information Commisioners Office (ICO)

On the ICO site is very good guidance on Domestic CCTV systems – guidance for people being filmed.

Other reading

On a blogsite called “Problem neighbours” there is an interesting article you CCTV, Privacy and The Law.

Dog protection

Dog theft and abuse

There is a growing number of dog thefts and though this is a scary prospect it is still relatively uncommon but dog owners can still benefit from following simple and sensible advice.

local reports and advice

  • Dog collars with minimum information on. It is illegale to not have your name and phone number on a dog disk, however that can make your dog a target for dog-napping.
  • Resist posting pictures of your dog(s) on social media with the location switched on. Modern phones often record your location by default, when you post the image switch the location off.
  • Watch for irregular visitors to your regular walking spaces. e.g. cars hanging around with 2/3 people in that do not look local
  • Train your dog to not be so sociable to strangers. e.g. try and stop them wandering up to just anyone to say hello.

Other reading

Dog training

renowned trainer

Lisa Jackson is a locally renowned dog trainer who has built an incredible reputation for sensible, quick and easy dog training techniques.
You can visit her school in Kempsey or visit her website for training advice, courses (beginners to advanced, puppy to rescue, etc.), dog care and dog stay-overs

Simple training makes life easier

  • Choose a healthy snack and keep armed with lots of them
  • Learn dog emergency techniques (assisted respiration, Heinlick maneauvour, first aid, etc.)
  • Take a small ruck-sack or good-bag
    Extra lead, snacks, water and [collapsable] bowl, etc.

Other reading

Dog walkers

We have dog walkers in the community

Government guidance on using CCTV systems on your property

Other information


Dog hotel

stay-over dog hotel

other information


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