About section 1

Section 1: Perdiswell (and beyond) to Gregory’s Mill.

The blue line at the top of the cut-to-canal stretch of the canal.

Finds and findings

Archaeology and Heritage


Under the Perdiswell sports hall was a Neolithic enclosure similar to this one

The Trundle near Chichester, Sussex, is one of the first large monuments built in Britain. Picture from English Heritage via BBC

The views of the Malvern Hills in the evenings must have been awe-inspiring, particularly as there was a river between them so going to investigate may have taken quite some time.
An enclosure indicates an agriculturally-based community so where is the settlement that worked that land?

Belief systems in the Neolithic meant that the sunsets were a magical border between this world and the next. Living next to the river (Severn) gave them all they needed for an agricultual life.



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