The Chestnut Inn Quiz nightWednesdays @ 8pm sharp
The Chestnut Inn
(Lansdowne Rd)
It returns!!!
“Dreadlock Dann” questions you all
º Proceeds to charity
º £2 / person / team (+ charitable donation?)
º Prize for the winning teams
The Nutty GamesWednesdays other than Quiz nightsFeeling less competitive?
Come along to our games nights with a donation to our charity box, make friends and join in
Canal litter picking(regularly)Canal River trust – Worcester
Worcester Canal Group
Chestnut Community Scrap Map(ongoing)Click here for the submission form
A few of our events and projects see our calendar
SupporterThank you for …
Arboretum Resident’s Association
Their enthusiastic support and help around most all of the local events.
Worcester Baptist Church.
Location: Sansome Walk.
The whole-hearted support for the community.
Canal and River Trust, WorcesterThe support and generosity with use of The Wanderer riverboat.
Bears Great Escapes
For his supporting us with donations as well as his delicious ice-cream.
Folks that support us

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Canalside Festivals, click here

CCAG Worcester Twitter account

For more information or to let us know of possible events, please visit the following websites: – @ccagworcester
CCAG Worcester calendar

or email us at

Yep, we are all over the place.

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