Part of being in a community is celebrating the lives and times of lovely people in it – both coming and going.

Why You Should Celebrate Everything
Make a toast to the weekend, or just a great side dish.

Polly CampbellPsychology Today. Dec 02, 2015


2021 has, so far, been ups and downs. With the lovely people of the Chestnut Community and the ArboNauts we have a lot to be grateful for.


2020 has been a real doozy of a year so here are some of the times we have been through.

  • We gained a couple …who were already here!
    The gorgeous Ella Hyland became Mrs. D

    John and Ella

    July 2021

    Ella Hyland (as was) is a lovely person with a big heart and warming smile for everyone. John is one of the nicest guys you could meet and so the combination of these two has really enriched the Arbo all the more.
    With a cracking ceremony in gorgeous surroundings and a celebration in a tent by a lake and hardly a dry eye in the house as they gave their vows – we wish them well. And the Woo‘s played too 🙂

  • We gained a lovely couple from a couple of lovelies
    Our own Caroline Savage and Fred Plews got married.
    Celebrations started on Sunday October 11th at The Chestnut Inn – socially distanced from the limited number of wedding guests & regular patrons and very well looked after by Mad Pierre, Rob and the Chestnut Crew.

    Caroline Savage and Fred Pews

    11th October 2020

    After what seemed like ages of knowing these two, they announced they were getting married – that didn’t seem that long ago but with C-19 we seem to have skipped the build-up and thankfully there was a gap in lockdowns just for them.
    October 11th at the Commandery saw these two spliced / hitched / wed / glued and when they got to The Chestnut Inn with a limited number of guests permitted, we all helped them celebrate (socially separated).

  • We lost a lovely local, Stuart Firth, on around 20th October
    A regular at The Chestnut Inn and a truly gentle man everywhere, he died of a massive heart attack – a thankfully short end to a lovely life.

    Stuart Firth

    October 2020

    Stuart was a truly gentle man with a kindly nature towards everyone.
    A local shop-keeper remembered him as a daily regular who popped in and got the same things for around 9 years and was always nice with kind words.
    The image could have been his view of The Chestnut Inn.
    The service was by a minister from Yorkshire but Stuart didn’t mind.

  • We gained another Meggie at the start of the year …oh, and she brought John (Iggy) with her 🙂

    Meggie ii & Iggy

    Picture: May 2020

    After the sad loss of the Meggie that the locals of The Chestnut Inn grew to know and love as they threw beer mats for her entertainment (and ours), Iggy got Meggie ii.
    A real cutey (so is the dog) we have seen her grow into her waggy tail and John is being well trained by her.
    She’s full of life, love and vitality tho John is trying to keep up they are always good to see.

  • We lost Brian Kimberly in April and celebrated his life at a memoriam at the The Chestnut Inn in October 2020.

    Brian Kimberly

    April 2020

    Brian was a master carpenter, dad and step-dad. A gentle and kind man with a dry sense of humour who would help others so readily for the price of a pint (if anything).
    So adept at carpentry he had that sort of skilled eye that enabled him to see just shaving a bit from the end of a shelf made it work better in the space rather than re-build.
    He shared his appreciation of a “rubblery” with our own Ian and Mel as the back gardens looked the same at the time.
    He helped shift a cast iron log-burner into the house despite – as learned later – him having a very bad back.

Celebrating the locals in the area and way news of their lives, coming together or leaving us, has touched the community.
If you have someone to add from the Arboretum area that you want to celebrate, let us know about them in the comments at the bottom of the page with an image and some words.

Or complete this google form and upload an image…

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