ARA meeting. 7th August @ 10:00 am

This is the agenda for the ARA meeting taking place this Saturday at the Pocket Park at 10 am (moving to the Corner Cafe should the weather turn) on the 7th of August.

  1. Welcome. Introduction of new members.
  2. Apologies.
  3. Second minutes from previous meeting.
  4. Pocket Park feedback and review (in relaxation to disturbances and any improvements.)
  5. Landsdowne Park feedback and review (in relation to disturbances and improvements.)
  6. Developments on arbo-created signs encouraging people to behave appropriately and refrain from drinking.
  7. PACT meeting summary relevant to Arboretum (Matt and Ian)
  8. Inland Water Festival 28th, 29th August. 
  9. Swimming pool site developments.
  10. Summary of any actions decided at meeting and volunteers responsible
  11. AOB