So when you feel like a socially distanced walk or investigate, why not visit the following site and see where you could go.

This is not condoning eye tests ok!

Of course you can also go visit Historic England and the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) online and find out more about castles and forts, etc.

You could even visit Roman Malvern and track the Roman’s expansion from the quayside (by Browns) all the way to the Malvern Hills via the quarries, settlements and agricultural ‘workshops’ such as corn dryers and kilns for pottery or food production.

For food production, you could read about the FeedSax project which examines how an archaeological dig in the north of Herefordshire (Holmer – meaning “Empty Pool” in Old English) revealed more about how the Anglo-Saxons in Herefordshire was an example of how Saxons fed so many. 

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