Good morning to you all.

Having spent the best part of 18 months in enforced hiatus, the ARA is pleased to announce it is back. We are somewhat of a reduced membership due to retirement, relocation, sad passings and resignations. In fact, the committee has been reduced to two and that makes us currently unconstitutional. However, small in number we may be, but big we are in spirit.

To start our path back we our going to have our first meeting at the Pocket Park on Saturday the 19th of June at 10 am. The meeting will be a loose agenda; greetings, finances, a catch-up, the future direction of the ARA, coming events, and AOB. Please feel free to arrive earlier as at 9 am every Saturday morning during Spring and Summer we have our regular garden club where we dig out weeds, make ourselves familiar and friendly with the plant world, chat to anybody sitting in the park (beetles included), and generally chew over the cud, it is very pleasant and, I find, therapeutic.

Just a reminder to all of the importance of the ARA and why it is vital to the community and worthy of support. I have been involved for about 10 years and over that time the ARA has organised or helped organise community, social events including the Canal Festival, has fought its corner on controversial issues deemed disadvantageous to our community such as the outcome of the swimming pool site. It has successfully funded the landscaping of the local Pocket Park and introduced the Arboretum Parking Scheme. The ARA is non-political, but over the years we have worked successfully with our local political reps and local community support officers to make the community a better and safer place.

Look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.

Kind regards. Bob Whitelaw (Chair ARA)

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