What on earth is that?

Essentially it is point-to-point photography as you walk round The Arboretum and Chestnut community – then posting it here where we stitch it together to make a film for the YouTube channel.
We can then not only get a ‘snapshot’ of how the Arboretum looks through the year, but over years and how things change.
If you have any historic pictures of in and around the Arboretum that would be good too

Standing around 30 metres (yards) apart you take a photography of the person you are with and them of you at the same time.  The result can be made into a film and posted here.
This can be done as a school-group, or a walker’s group, or a community picnic or by canal tourists (we’d love to have some canal journeys from the Diglis Basin to Droitwich and beyond).

Here's one I made earlier ...
Dominography” by Ian Mackey

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