Supporters a plenty – thank you

Our list of supporters is getting bigger – thank you all for your offers of help and support in this, what is going to be, amazing Worcester Canalside Festival 28th-30th June 2019 on Lansdowne Park (one of many events that CCAG are organising).

SupporterThank you for …
Worcester Baptist Church.
Location: Sansome Walk.
The whole-hearted support
allowing us use of their car-park
during the festival.
Canal and River Trust, WorcesterThe support and generosity with use of The Wanderer riverboat.
Arboretum Resident’s Association
Their enthusiastic support and help around the event.
Bears Great Escapes
For his supporting us with a donation as well as his delicious ice-cream.
(360 deg view of shop)
Lavish are supporting us with a stall showing wonderfully colourful fabrics, clothes, accessories (e.g. bags and bangle) and even belly dancing outfits.
Mazak UKMazak for their kind and generous dontationns to the festival’s Raffles and Tombola

We would still be very grateful for as much support as you can give – contact us here

Artistic re-cycling: ScrapMap

Do you have an artistic side?
Are you into re-cycling?
How about trying an Arboretum ScrapMap

CCAG will be accepting photographs from individuals, groups (schools, brownies, art groups, boating groups, etc.) of a map of the Arboretum in Worcester made entirely of re-cycled material.

Please only take part safely and with safe materials – ideally with advice from an adult, supervisor, artist.

Entries will be judged by the CCAG Committee and we will visit you with a view to seeing it in person, chatting to the artist/group then the interview and pictures posted on this website, Facebook, Twitter and in the local press.

Deadline for the submissions is Saturday 13th April 2019 at 12:00am

Please submit photograph(s) or video of your entry here (email address and group name required)

Worcester canal by Lower Chestnut Street.

Photo: Ian Mackey. The canal side by Lower Chestnut Street and Lansdowne Park

The canal takes a gentle turn by the end of Lower Chestnut Street, to follow what was the valley base. As it does so here, it crosses the old droveway (just the other side of the orange brick tiles following Lower Chestnut Street).

Just beyond – where the tree and nature reserve are on the left, is Hangman’s Acre that was cut by the canal’s construction. You will see from an aerial shot that the houses along Lowell Street are parallel to those on Washington and East Street. Lowell Street was the edge of the ‘acre’ which may explain why the houses along there are numbered sequentially on the North East side of the street …it didn’t exist when the Ice Skating Rink was on the other side of the street.