CCAGSession: Garrington T Jones

Garrington (Gazza) T Jones

Garrington T Jones

From harmonica + slide guitar to (gently) growling blues, this ex radar engineer come rugby coach come folk and modern-time blues singer/songwriter from Malvern has a fair batch of albums to his name …and he knows Mad P (The Chestnut Tree Inn) from old

If you are thinking of a career move (whether you initiate it or it is enforced) and have a musical wish then do it. Go for it. Open-mike nights are worth a bash if only to open yourself up to a buzz or share what you can do …that’s what happened to Garrington (Gazza) Jones when he found himself unemployed after starting as a radar engineer (and rugby coach) – and he has not looked back since.

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Gazza and I talked about his background, his move to music, his open-mike night “a song done my way” aspirations and the people that helped boost/maintain his confidence as he developed his own style and sound. From country music via steel and slide guitars, harmonica and a distinct vocal sound, his ‘modern-time’ blues (“I’m white and never faced the hardships blues artists have…“) are range from drive-time to foot-tapping sound and he’s taken it further with collaborations with the rapper Norbs Blade (about a year ago). I’m looking forwar to the next album “The Odd Box” that is hoped to be out in September 2021.

Here’s our chat’n’track – recorded in March 2021…

Garrington T Jones (Gazza). Chat’n’track – recorded in March 2021…

Our featured track:

Hellbound Train – featuring Norbs Blade

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Bandcamp – album “Dead Roses”
YouTube: Garrington T Jones
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Norbs Blade X Garrington T. Jones – Kings And Slaves:

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