Kickstart the new year at your Chestnut Tree Inn with the return of the quiz night!

January can drag and if you don’t feel like sitting in on a dark, damp night?
Cheer yourself up with friends and join in (or just come along to) The Chestnut Tree Inn on Lansdowne Road. (If you are not an alcohol drinker then there are light drinks and Tea, Coffee or Hot chocolate available too at around £1).

Had we mentioned that The Chestnut Tree Inn is starting to have a Wednesday night quiz?

Starting on Wednesday, 15th January at 8:00 sharp, teams from 2-4 people (at £8 per team + a raffle for £2 – all proceeds go to our charities).

Spread the word and get a team together …or just come along to a fun evening and see if you know the answers. (Anyone helping the teams, the team will have points deducted though :/ )