We have reached just over £1000 for what started as a help Mad Pierre’s Christmas generosity of £250.

Thank you all so much

As part of the CCAG charity and community supporting ethic, we love the fact that our local, The Chestnut Tree Inn, has for years given free Christmas meals to the local folks that are alone, homeless, unable to cope, etc.
So the we are strongly supporting the efforts of Colin “Mad Pierre” Robinson (the landlord who has done it without help for so long) and the staff by asking for your donations towards this annual, modestly silent, act of kindness.
Go to The Chestnut Tree Inn’s charity Facebook page to donate – even a little – to this endeavour and feel good about the touch of kindness and you don’t even have to be there.

Here’s to “Mad Pierre Claus” and his wonderful team of helpers.

If the funding gets over and above the immediate needs, it will be held over for next year’s event.
Thank you in advance

As it says on the Facebook charity event page:

Every year Colin Robinson aka Mad Pierre, manager of The Chestnut Tree Inn, Worcester funds and cooks a free Christmas lunch to those in need. Anyone lonely, incapacitated, in difficulty or homeless is warmly welcomed and heartily feed. This event is impossible without regulars’ donations and offers of help. The costs escalate every year hence this appeal for your kind donations. Thank you everyone for your generous support. This event brings great joy to many.

Nichola Dickinson • December 6, 2019

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