What a cracking night …

The quizmiester Dann compiled some difficult questions (he said he was tired) but all those that took part (about 26 of you) came nd had fun and competed with honour …and beer …and most of all good humour and a laugh.

Not quite the @Tan skills but reader the quiz went well (I only gave one answer away but Dann saved the day)

Thanks to all that attended.

Glad you had a good night and hope to see you in 3/4 weeks but definitely (there’s a threat) see you next Wednesday for the Games Night at the Chestnut Inn thanks to Iggy.

oh, and CCAG had a good meeting where there is so much in line for the Summer together with the Arboretum Residents Association +The Bramblewood Project +Worcester Baptist Church + Worcester Canal Group – what a line up of things to do.

Stay tuned

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