Chestnut Community Scrap Map

Inspired by the Cambridge Map Project, this project invites local schools, groups and clubs or organisations to create a map of the Arboretum, Canal and area from recycled paper, twigs, other material, etc.
(Please ensure the materials are safe to handle and it is constructed and stored in a safe environment as the winning entry will be displayed on the website and the creator/creators interviewed)

Deadline for the submissions is Saturday 13th April 2019 at 12:00am

A scene of Cambridge (photo by Hugh Ster from the Cambridge Map Project)

The entrants should post a picture of the area mapped (could be a street or a couple of streets or the whole place) with a name and contact number and the winners will be announced in social media and get a prize (to be determined).

Please submit photograph(s) or video of your entry here (email address and group name required)


What on earth is that?

Essentially it is point-to-point photography as you walk round The Arboretum and Chestnut community – then posting it here where we stitch it together to make a film for the YouTube channel.
We can then not only get a ‘snapshot’ of how the Arboretum looks through the year, but over years and how things change.
If you have any historic pictures of in and around the Arboretum that would be good too

Standing around 30 metres (yards) apart you take a photography of the person you are with and them of you at the same time.  The result can be made into a film and posted here.
This can be done as a school-group, or a walker’s group, or a community picnic or by canal tourists (we’d love to have some canal journeys from the Diglis Basin to Droitwich and beyond).

Here's one I made earlier ...
Dominography” by Ian Mackey

To submit your pictures, just fill in this form

Who owned it first?

Find out who owned your house – history in the living not just the making.

By visiting The Hive the staff can point you to where to look to research who owned your house before you, and before them, and before … you get the idea.

We will be organising a morning of finding out how to do this so let us know if you are interested by contacting us:

Worcester Canalside Festival

We are working hard planning the Worcester Canalside Festival to be held on Lansdowne Park (the recreation ground next to the Worcester-Birmingham canal) on Friday 28th to Sunday 30th June 2019.

Profits go to two local charities; ASPIE‘s and the Worcester Food Bank

Time remaining until the festival

The Worcester Canalside Festival will take place on Lansdowne Park and our sponsors/supporters have raised money towards charities to help the local people and communities. If you would like to become a sponsor, go to the sponsors/supporters page for further information.

We are proudly working with the Arboretum Residents’ Association and Worcester Canal Group and the Talk to Me Worcester campaign to make this as much, if not more, successful and fun as the one in 2015 that had more than 3000 people attend.

Worcester Canalside Festival site plan

To help support the festival, take a look at our tombola and raffle prizes from local shops and businesses and take part in the Worcester Lottery for a possible prize of £25,000 and help support the charities.

Helping out … (we need volunteers)

With 20+ stalls hired to various groups, schools and local organisations, this 3-day event will need some assistance so if you’d like to help out visit our volunteer registration page (all information entered is confidential to us) and choose a task.
Alternatively, leave your contact information and we will contact you.


Community groups and schools

There are plenty of projects to get involved in and in a lovely part of the country.
Have a look at our projects page and join in!

See our events page for more of what’s going on in the area.

For more information or to let us know of possible events, please visit the following websites: – @ccagworcester
CCAG Worcester calendar

or email us at