The Arboretum and Chestnut Community are a living historical record of the heritage of Worcester.
Each house tells a story (look at the different designs of window surrounds, front doors, emblems on the door heads, etc.) and each resident has added something to the ongoing story of the community.

With The Arboretum Story (Frederick Covins, 1989) came a history of the area’s conception and development. What has happened since?
This is where you can add to The Continuing Arboretum Story (being written now).
Personal histories of those that currently live in, or have lived in, or renting in the area can add to the incredible record of a community close enough to a small city/big town yet distinct from other areas around it and adding to the landscape that surrounds it.

We have residents in their eighties that have lived here all their lives (since the latter end of the period covered by The Arboretum Story), we have volunteer dog-walkers, students, nurses, builders, public servants, chefs, archaeologists, gardeners, teachers, mechanics, etc. all in this area of around 800 houses.
What have they seen change (there is only one shop left on the Arboretum and no pubs).

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