Happy snapper seen around the Arbo?

With all that is going on in this pandemic lockdown, you may see folks walking round taking photographs of house.
Fear not …this is part of our project Arboretum through the lens.

@ArboretumRA folks please get involved too!
Taking photos of the incredible, sometimes quirky architectural details of the buildings and houses around the area tells such a story of the history and heritage of the Arboretum.

Read more about the changes in the Arboretum in “A potted history of the Arboretum” and the subtle changes in house designs and finishing touches as the old field areas were sold off for development.
Changes in the roof lines, details around windows and doors, blocks of 1,2,5,6 houses in a row, etc.

So, if you see folks taking pictures of houses, it is not (necessarily) an estate agent or being instrusive, it is folks making a record of the sometimes quirky touches that individuals have made to the houses or the changes in architecture as the area developed.

Why not add your photos as a comment on this blog post, or add them to our HistoryPin of “Lockdown photos of Worcester” where you can take photos in what would be busy areas or streets?