The Guardian newspaper recently ran an article “From loo rolls to fashion: how to spend your cash more ethically” – not only good for the environment but good for us.

Read the article Spend cash ethically – coronavirus money

“Here we look at some simple switches you can make and the retailers that use your money for good, or run their operations in a sustainable way. From teabags to toilet roll, via a move to a greener energy firm, we have focused on everyday spending. The list is not exhaustive but you may find there are some small changes you can make that will help your money make a positive impact.”

The Guardian

We also have The Fold (a great source of ethically grown and produced food and ideas) of course and other ethical outlets that do not cost a fortune and/or provide true fair trade or for those that cost more are guaranteed (historically known for) good quality that lasts or at least treat their staff well – such as John Lewis where all staff are shareholders and their benefits are rewards for working as a big team.

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