Read the Worcester News’ report on the plans to revamp the old cinema.

What do you think?
What would you like to see there?
It’s an ideal place (fully sound-proofed) so perhaps a venue that could accommodate the Marr’s Bar? A theatre (the one by the old Worcester Porcelain Factory was closed shortly after opening as it was so difficult or expensive to put anything on or even book it – cynically you might think they never actually intended it to be used, simply built to tick a “service the community” box on planning permission).

Have you got any ideas or know of people to contact?

Let us know with a comment to this post.

We can see a great venue for the community collaborations!
– AllSortsOfPA performances
– Worcester Baptist Church events
– Arboretum Residents’ Association + CCAG events
– hireable venue for anything else you can think of?

Encourage the planners to make this brilliant old building steeped in history a go-to venue in Worcester – not another gym thought!

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