Hi All,

A big thanks to all that attended the first ARA meeting since the beginning of lockdown and for making it such a positive success. Lovely to see faces from the past and lots of new residents keen and interested in taking part in the community. It was and is a great start to what I believe will be a productive and successful year for all of us.

Indeed, we have had a volunteer for the Treasurer position which is a huge relief because without one the ARA would have been unconstitutional.

Great to meet Tomasc Jarecki from the European Community Centre with whom we plan to undertake projects of mutual interest and to support each other in whatever we can in the future. The start being from Tomasc who helped organise a huge supply of free bulbs and shrubs from Hayloft Garden Centre in Pershore.

Also, a big thanks to Haylofts Garden Centre for donating and help make the Pocket Park a colourful experience throughout summer.

The minutes are as follows.

Minutes of Meeting held on Saturday June 19 at Pocket Park 10am

Present – Bob Whitelaw (Chair), Liz Brookes, Sharon Griffiths (Secretary), Jan Jackson (WBC), Nicky Bonfield, Ros Peace, Matthew Jenkins (Green Party Councillor), Jenny Barnes (Labour Councillor), Karen Ewing (Green Party Councillor), Nicky Bettinson, Mary Jenkins, Clare Harker, Kate, Tina Hamblin, Ella Hyland, Melanie Roxby-Mackay (CCAG), Matt Kendrick, Tomasc Jarecki (LikeU and Corner Cafe).
Appologies – Ian Mackey (CCAG)

Minutes of last meeting. 24 February 2020 seconded as correct.

Matters arising: Light the Arboretum in Feb had good participation. Next one planned for next February around Valentine’s Day.

Residents’ parking a great success. Huge thanks to Matt Jenkins and all those who helped.

1.Welcome and apologies.  Apologies: Darren Smith (Worcester Baptist Church) Stuart Minchin (Worcester Community Services)

ARA info: collaborates with Community Police, Canal Group, CCAG, Worcester Baptist Church and E. European Community Centre.

2.Treasurer’s Report

Pocket Park : 1688.15

General Fund : 596.31

LTO (Light the Arboretum) : 175.00


£600 (Pocket Park Fund) to replace seat, hexagon in park (work to be carried out on the 15th of July due to problems procuring oak sleepers)

£50.00 (General Fund) donation to support LTA

£50.00 (General Fund) to Canal Group for fruit tree planting along canal

£50.00 (General Fund) donation to St Johns Hospice in memory of Janet Hastings

3. Swimming Pool Site Update. Councillors and developers meeting planned and then a residents’ meeting will follow. Housing to be carried out by Sanctuary Housing. Backing wall bordering Chestnut street residents and Sanctuary site to be investigated by structural engineers to determine height and examine foundations.

4. Eastern European Community Centre. (Linked to LikeU and Corner Café.) ARA and Eastern European Community Centre have agreed to work together and support each other where possible. LikeU supports business start-ups, bicycle repairs, makes wooden tables etc. Last film show was a success.

5. Inland Waterway Association- Festival of Water at Perdiswell 29-31 August 2020. The stretch of canal from Perdiswell to Diglis Basin will be used for narrow boats. People will be encouraged to walk and cycle the tow path along the same route.

CCAG (Chestnut Community Action Group) are being involved with an archeological walk around the Arbo and ARA involved with use of Pocket Park.

6. Pocket Park. Gardening Club every Saturday 9 am.

Lighting fires for barbecues: police and fire brigade been called. Resulting mess left in park. Please call 101 if alarmed. Also gatherings of groups drinking alcohol. ARA wish to be inclusive but these groups are discouraging many from sitting in park.

7. Play Streets. Plan discussed to give back certain streets of the Arboretum back to the children one day a month to play. Further discussions will take place with the Play Streets Association.

AOB. Drones. A nuisance for residents as flying over Lansdowne park, Lansdowne Crescent and Arbo gardens and cause issues over privacy. Are being used on Race Days and broadcast to gambling organisations.

WhatsApp group. Facebook is successful in engaging a lot of residents but email necessary to reach those not on Facebook. A WhatsApp group will be set up.

Garden on empty house on Chestnut Street. Bramble blocking pavement.

Dumping. An eyesore. Call council and will remove if on pavement or in a public space.

Future venue. E. European Centre offered to accommodate us when gets too cold, wet etc. for pocket park meetings. Thank you to Darren and Baptist Church for letting us hold our meetings in the past.

Free plants. Hayloft in Pershore have some spare plants, bulbs etc. and in conjunction with E. European Centre (EEC) are giving them to us for free to plant in pocket park and neighbourhood. Many thanks to Hayloft and toTomasc at EEC for securing them for us.

Canal Group Litter Pick.  Last Saturday of month at 10.30 Lansdowne Park

NEXT MEETINGMonday Saturday 7 August 10am Pocket Park

Action PointAllocated to
Play StreetsMary Jenkins, Councillors
DronesCouncillors to investigate legalities
ARA WhatsApp groupSharon
Chestnut Street gardenCouncillors to investigate and Matt to cut back plants
Free plantsTomasc to take van to Pershore and Jenny Barnes and Karen Ewing to accompany him.

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